Aurora Borealis DVD



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The dancing Northern Lights come alive to the music of Vivaldis Four Seasons.The shimmering curtains of Northern Lights have captured the imagination of humankind since ancient times. People travel from across the globe in the hope of catching a glimpse of one of Nature's most elusive and dramatic light shows. Stuart Barr spent several years photographing these dancing lights in northern Canada, near Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. Using ingenuity and invention, first to capture the lights with a digital camera, then to transform the photographs into a lyrical light show, Stuart brings you the experience of the Northern Lights in a magnificent and intriguing new media experience.Bonus Included: Producers Commentary on the most Spectacular Natural Phenomena on Earth! Plus informational insert about the Aurora Borealis. Free screensaver download from website. Copyright 2009 Stuart Barr Stuart has a passion for photography and a sharp eye for natures beauty. His photographs have been displayed in tourism brochures, museum exhibits and corporate new media productions. Warning - all rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.