500 ml jars of honey

500 ml Jar



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We have had honey bees for over 10 years. Because we are a small local honey operation, having about 30 hives, we can extract our honey three to four times a year. This means that we can get different kinds of honey with different colours and flavours without moving our bees. All of our honey is raw unpasteurized. We have 3 distict kinds of honey. JULY HONEY: is made from the flowers that bloom in July and early August. These include flowers such as clover, alfalfa, and canola. This is a very light coloured honey with a mild sweet flavour. SUMMER FLOWER HONEY: is made from the late blooming flowers. It is extracted the first week of September. These flowers incude the second crop of alfalfa and clover with the late wild flowers like goldenrod. This honey is darker than JULY with more flavour. WHIPPED HONEY: is made from the JULY HONEY. We let the honey harden then actually whip it. It is a white colour with small crystals giving it a very smooth texture. It is the perfect honey to spread on toast. WHIPPED HONEY is only sold in 110 ml or 500ml jars. Quantities: 110ml jars - $4 500ml jar - $9 3 kg pail - $32