Custom Cutting Boards

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($115.50 inc tax)
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The cutting board pricing varies depending on the size, type of wood, complexity of the carving and if you would like an end-grain board or long grain board. End grain boards are easier on your knives and are made of many small pieces from the end of a plank of wood. A long grain board uses strips of wood. Our standard size is 18"x12". As a guideline, the end grain without engraving in this size they are $105, with engraving is $126. For the long grain without the engraving in this size they are $84, with engraving is $110. Again, these prices may vary depending on the type of woods used and on the complexity of the engraving. At this time we have maple, walnut, purple heart and cherry available. We are able to get almost any type of wood in however if the wood is very porous or has another trait that would not make it appropriate for a cutting board we will suggest something that may look similar. If you or anyone in your family has a nut allergy I would not include walnut in the cutting board. Please let me know this information before confirming an order. The cutting boards are not dishwasher safe and should not be submerged in water. Warm soapy water will be sufficient for cleaning the board. For engraved cutting boards we fill the carved areas with a food-safe epoxy and make it level with the rest of the cutting board. Food and bacteria can become trapped in the grooves and can become a dangerous health hazard. This is why we fill the carving with epoxy. The boards are then finished with a butcher-block finish. Butter or cooking oil finishes can go rancid which is why we have chosen this particular finish.