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Deco Creations
Upcycled and recycled furniture, etc. Decoupaged items, chairs, trays, plaques, furniture, etc.

Glo Woodworking
We passionately create heirloom children's furniture and home decor items in Parkland County.

Happy Gang Gardens
Fresh is in the Taste. Our farm is committed to bringing you products that are grown just like our grandparents did. No added chemicals, fertilizers, or antibiotics. Just real food grown in real dirt with real ingredients.We are raising free range heritage breeds of pork. This is the pork you remember at Christmas dinner when you were young. Our hogs have free access to pasture and are raised in family units. We provide them open access to locally raised grain without adding any animal by-products. We don't use antibiotics or hormones in our animals. They just don't need it. Our pork is firm, dark and full of flavor.

Healing Reins
Healing Reins Equine Assisted Learning Uses equines as co-Facilitators in Therapy "We are here to help guide you through a process of self discovery " Healing hearts and minds through horses

Holistic For You
Work with clients to identify and help correct nutritional causes of diseases, and design personalized diet and lifestyle programs. Roshelle has had a lifelong passion for nutrition and it's effects on human health and well-being. These interests have lead to her certification as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™. Roshelle is furthering her studies and has recently completed the Certified Professional Cancer Coach program. Roshelle has observed the incredible, positive improvements that occur with lifestyle adjustments. "People have found tremendous improvement in their overall well being when they gain an understanding of the lifestyle changes that are necessary. These changes include a balancing approach to: healthy nutrition, daily activity, rejuvenating sleep, and meaningful personal and social relationships." Roshelle is on the forefront of this information, keeps abreast of the latest research and findings on a daily basis, and incorporates this into her practice. Our tests... More