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Carcajou Mounts
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Tired of the straps your Trail Camera manufacture supplied with your camera? Now there is an alternative that makes sense. The Carcajou Mount. Small, light weight, simple to install and adjust. No tools required. All metal construction. Stainless Steel fasteners, so it should never seize up. Works on most brands of cameras, but not on Uway or Wild Game Innovation cameras. Uses 1/4" x 20 threaded insert on the bottom of most cameras. (tripod mount) Can be used on any wood surface over 1/2 inch diameter whether it is vertical, horizontal, flat, round or square. Allows camera to be mounted at any height. Can even be used where there are no trees. Simply install the mount on a length of 1" or larger dowel and drive it into the ground where you want to place your camera. Helps to reduce camera theft. The straps provided stand out and are visible from 360 degrees, this mount is hardly noticeable and only from the side the camera is on.