Data Transfer


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It's always important to have a second copy of any data (pictures, documents, accounting information, etc) that you don't want to lose. Simply moving it to a 'secure backup device' like an external drive does not leave you with any redundancy; you have to creat a duplicate copy. This service involves making a duplicate copy of the important information you specify to another device that you own (USB flash drive, external hard drive, another computer). Once it's done, you'll have a snapshot of this critical data/information that's current as of the date the transfer was performed. If you've purchased a new computer, we can also take the information (but not the programs) off your old one and transfer it onto the new unit (but you'll still need a second copy on an external device to ensure you're covered if your computer crashes, is stolen, gets a virus, or anything else that causes you to lose access to your files).