Malware Removal


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Everyday more websites (even legitimate ones) become infected with malicious software. This software is capable of installing itself on your computer without any user interaction - just by loading the website. Social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook are also becoming conduits for viruses/spyware/malware. And, of course, the old stand-bys: email and instant messaging are as infectious as ever. Malware has many different capabilities, with new modifications being made every day. It can track your computer usage, steal your information, spread itself to other computers, hide in the background waiting for instructions, hold your computer hostage with advertisements for bogus security software and generally slow down your system until it is unusable. But here's the good new - we can remove it! You choose - either a quick removal of the obvious infections or a full sweep that leaves your computer free of any malicious software. Best of all, we will install the antivirus/anti spyware software that best suits your security needs.